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First Time Visitors
What to expect

Visiting a church for the first time can be an overwhelming experience!

Those with children have added questions and uncertainty. Therefore, the goal of this section is to give you basic information on what to expect, in an effort to make the experience less stressful, for you and your family.


It's not a typical church building?

Correct! God has blessed us with space, in a volunteer fire station facility.


So, where do we park?

We are located in a fire station facility with plenty of parking behind the building. Handicap parking is located at the church entrance.


Is the facility handicap friendly?

Yes, we have a handicap friendly building!


Is there a ‘dress code’?

The attire ranges from casual to business dress. However, since we are geographically located in a farming community, jeans are common.


What time does worship begin?

Worship begins at 10am but we encourage folks to come a few minutes early to get situated, fix a cup of coffee/tea at the coffee station and enjoy a time of fellowship together.


What's the music like?

Our praise team leads everyone in worship using various instruments, voice and styles of music. The worship leader considers the age range of our fellowship, so we sing mixtures of old hymns through modern praise. Lyrics are printed visibly on a projector screen, for easy reading.


Are there worship service formalities?

When you hear the shofar at 10am, our worship service begins. The praise team will lead a few songs, several brief announcements of upcoming events/important information will be addressed, followed by a few more praise songs. After praise worship, our Senior Pastor, Jack Richards, will present the message. We follow the Calvary Chapel tradition of teaching chapter-by-chapter, verse-by-verse of the Bible, so that a more complete teaching of God’s word is accomplished. Please bring your Bible as we reference scripture together! However, there are always Bibles available for use, if needed.


What do the children do during the message?

The children are dispersed into age-appropriate groups for a Bible lesson, snack & possibly a craft. *Please note at this time we do not have regularly held children's classes*


Is it baby friendly?

There is a nursery available for younger children, a nursing mother's rocking chair and a diaper changing area.


What is the time commitment?

A typical service lasts an hour and a half. After service, we welcome you to stay for a sweet time of fellowship. It's a time to build friendships and strengthen relationships, as we interact together.


Where should I put my tithe/offering envelope?

We believe that tithes and offerings are a private form of worship, so we do not pass an offering plate. If you desire to give a tithe or an offering, place it into the wooden Agape box located next to the Food Pantry door (near the coffee station). Envelopes are also located there, for your convenience.


Is it communion Sunday?

We observe communion on the first Sunday of each month. The emblems (juice & bread) are placed on the table which is situated in front of the pulpit. After his message, Pastor Jack will lead us in prayer and instruct believers to partake. (Individually walking forward to receive the emblems and then returning to your seat)


What if I want to be baptized?

We believe in immersion baptism. Our facility does not offer that ability, so we baptize in a swimming pool during the summer months. (Please contact Pastor Jack for further discussion)


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