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Our Pastors


Senior Pastor Jack Richards and Glenna


Pastor Charlie Rogers and Jude


Our Mission Statement

We believe that God’s Word is absolute, He is the Creator of all things, and that nothing was created without Him. (John 1:3)

We teach His truth to His flock without compromise, for His Word is understanding, deliverance, praise, and righteousness. (Psalm 119:161-172)

To awaken the church of Jesus Christ, equip the sheep to become shepherds, and send them out to gather those sheep that have gone astray. (Romans 12:11, 10:17, and Isaiah 53:6)

We strive for these things, for we anticipate our Lord’s soon return and as He desires that none are lost. (Matthew 10:6, 15:24, 18:11 in addition to Luke 15:4, 15:6, 15:24, 15:32)

That through this ministry man may know God’s greatest gift of selfless love, thus they will know we are His disciples. (Galatians 5:22)

May God guide and bless us as we travel this journey together

The Family of God


Pastor Lyle Dussault and Cindy


Youth Pastor Duane Colwell and Tammy


 Pastor Eric Woods and Carol

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